Our Goals

We are dedicated towards sales and marketing of each and every brand available at our roster.

Having established some significant sales for some of our older brands, our current objective is to prioritize newer brands and to establish strong brands of the future; let these brands be those owned by us or those of our commercial partners.

Our Approaches

We work hard to establish each and every brand as soon as it enters a new market. As a result, we always work under strict exclusivity rights so we guarantee our partners of our dedication to them, and our staff on how their efforts are not going to waste.

With our global reach and expertise, we engage in endorsement of all KiSo associated brands, let them be of our partners or our own simultaneously.

We acknowledge that entry to markets vary from country to country. Therefore we assure that such requirements are met with comprehensive revisions prior to accessing a new target market. Even prior to any brand introductions, our dedicated team conducts a series of thorough evaluations to ensure success in a number of steps:

  • Comprehensive market analysis of all needed investment opportunities
  • Product registration with appropriate government authorities
  • Consumer product testing
  • Test marketing and sales into select regions
  • Other relevant due diligences

Our Team

KiSo is currently active with five offices in North America and the Middle East to further support all of its customers and their brands.

Our management team is made up of Pharmacists, Business Developers, Market Specialists, Financial Analysts, and IT Personnel with over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical business so we may support our staff and our partners with the thorough knowledge needed for success each and every time, at every step along the way.